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What is Space Weather?

"Space Weather" is the result of ionized gases and particles that form clouds that travel through space towards Earth. 

Space weather storms are the leading cause of disrupting GPS signals and satellite communications. As recently as 2022, a single space weather storm destroyed entire fleets of satellites. In extreme cases, space weather even caused an entire country to lose power.

Satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) are left vulnerable to experience extreme drag, which can alter their orbits, or cause them to deorbit entirely. With Space Situational Awareness becoming an increasing field of interest, understanding the space weather environment is essential.


Satellites in LEO, all the way to cislunar orbits, are exposed to clouds of high-density plasma, which are one of the leading causes of failure in satellites.

Communications, from telemetry and science data, to GPS and PNT, are disrupted from even mild space weather events. By knowing where space weather is concentrated, radio communications can be streamlined and optimized.

"[Space weather] events can disable satellites and disrupt electrical grids.
Technology which is vulnerable if we don’t monitor space weather. "

Our Progress

First Space Weather Sensor designed, built, and verified on sub-orbital mission

First satellite launched, validating space weather sensor design in space

Constellation of space weather monitoring satellites reaches proper size

Real-time space weather data becomes available on the Aspect Aerospace platform

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