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Image by Cassi Josh

Our Mission

Unpredictable space weather events can strike at any moment, leaving satellites vulnerable to high-density plasma and turbulent RF conditions. Using Aspect Aerospace Space Weather Sensors allow your satellites to assess the space weather environment in real time: a satellite equipped with a Space Weather Sensor could automatically enter safe mode without having to wait for ground passes in the event of an ionosphere storm, or enhance the sensor suite of any payload for useful space weather data. Designed and built in the United States, Aspect Aerospace also fosters rapid small satellite development with TRL-9 modules and software, perfect for any LEO mission.

The Aspect Aerospace Space Weather Monitoring Constellation will provide a dashboard for real time space weather assessment, using measurements made on-orbit. Subscribe to enter your satellites and see the space weather environment surrounding your satellites, and make informed decisions about safe mode and downlink operations by assessing ionosphere storm locations.

Image by Cassi Josh

Our Story

With the success of the custom-built Jagsat-1 satellite, two faculty members from the University of South Alabama launched Aspect Aerospace. Using technology and "know-how" from the university, and using Dr. Spencer's groundbreaking space sensor development, Aspect is poised to offer flight-proven technology and unique sensing capabilities.

Owned and operated in the United States of America, Aspect Aerospace leverages custom TRL-9 hardware and software solutions to accelerate small satellite development. 

Image by Cassi Josh

Meet the Team

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