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Image by Geronimo Giqueaux

Re-Think Space Weather

A cubesat or small satellite computer board for monitoring space weather

Boldly Revolutionizing Space Weather Monitoring and Forecasting

A cubesat or small satellite flight computer for monitoring space weather in a satellite constellation
A cubesat or small satellite ADCS board, GNC board, for controlling a satellite in earth orbit to monitor space weather
Image by NASA

Are you Prepared for an Ionosphere Storm?


Amount lost in a single day caused by an ionospheric event in 2022


Strength of electric charge buildup in critical satellite hardware from space plasma


Amount of power grid infrastructure damages an X-Class Flare could cause


Replacement value of satellites currently in orbit


TRL Level of Aspect Aerospace Space Weather Sensor and Satellite Bus Modules

Abstract Red Lines

Visualize the Space Weather Environment in Real-Time

The Aspect Aerospace small satellite constellation monitors areas of high-density plasma in the ionosphere, allowing you to stay up-to-date on space weather storm developments as soon as they happen

Cloud Analytics Modernization

Access live space weather data in real time, from anywhere in the world.

Analytical Insights

Track historical trends in space weather developments to gain further insight into future developments

Make Split-Second Descisions

Get alerts for space weather developments in specific orbits

Measurements Made On-Orbit

Become part of the space weather observation constellation using the Aspect Aerospace Space Weather Sensor

Space Weather Sensors open Doors to New Insights

The Aspect Aerospace Space Weather Sensor equips your satellites with in-situ awareness for the space weather environment. Enable satellites to enter safe mode as needed on the fly, or use the data to enhance your data collection capabilities.

Be the First to Know when an Ionospheric Storm Impacts

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