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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Aspect Aerospace offers a Space Weather Monitoring and Forecasting Service, as well as a product line of flight-proven space weather sensors, enabling your satellites to assess the space weather environment in the immediate vicinity. Be the first to know when plasma density increases, or when your satellites enter an unpredicted geomagnetic storm. Aspect allows your launch vehicles, orbital transfer vehicles, and individual satellites themselves to enter into safe mode when needed, rapidly stationkeep, or alter orbit trajectory on-the-fly as the space weather environment changes.

Don’t rely on guesswork.

The Aspect Aerospace Space Weather Monitoring Constellation provides a real-time, in-situ service to keep your satellite constellation safe. With access to the current space weather environment and our advanced forecasting algorithms, plan ahead for space weather storms as they appear.

Don’t worry! With Aspect Aerospace Space Weather Forecasting, you’ll be the first to know. Put your satellite in safe mode precisely when it needs to, and take it out of safe mode as soon as the storm passes. No more waiting out storms for indeterminate amounts of time, wasting on-orbit time and money!

Satellite Operator?

Access our real-time space weather monitoring dashboard, and enter your satellite constellation. We will alert you when a satellite you operate is approaching a space weather storm in advance, allowing you to put your satellite in safe mode before impacted.

Launch Provider or OTV Operator?

Our space weather monitoring service can let you know if higher-than-normal drag conditions will cause rapid de-orbit of your payloads. If you enter a patch of high plasma density, simply raise the orbit, or wait it out to help prevent damage or complete payload loss!

Enhance your SDA suite.

We are always looking for Space Domain Awareness service partners. Through license agreements, sell our space weather data as a third party to enhance your existing SDA solutions. Allow your users access to real time and forecasted space weather data, measured in-situ from real satellites on orbit.

Geomagnetic storm on the horizon?

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